February 15TH Deadline – Western Health Advantage Health Plans


February 15th Deadline Approaches To Purchase Western Health Advantage Health Plans

The Affordable Care Act requires all uninsured Americans purchase health insurance, either directly from health insurance providers or via a health exchange like Covered California. Plans must be purchased during a special open enrollment period. This year, Open Enrollment runs from November 15, 2014 to February 15, 2015. Changes to an individual’s health insurance policy may also be made during this time.

Western Health Advantage Health PlansWhile there are many factors that drive plan selection, one very important consideration is the plan’s “network”, or the medical institutions and doctors covered under the plan. The ideal plan is one that is both affordable, and that allows you to seek care from your preferred provider or medical institution.

Beginning in April of this year, Sonoma West Medical Center and our medical providers will accept Western Health Advantage medical plans. Western Health Advantage offers customers access to more than 3,200 providers and 14 conveniently located hospitals and medical centers throughout Northern California. Its plans are offered as options in the Covered California health exchange.

In order to use Western Health Advantage benefits at Sonoma West Medical Center in 2015, individuals and businesses must enroll now, before the February 15th deadline passes.

Visit Western Health Advantage’s website or CoveredCA.com to learn more about available plans and to enroll.

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