The Pyxis Are Coming to SWMC

automated medication dispensing system

A New Approach to Medication Management

automated medication dispensing system

automated medication dispensing system

SWMC is implementing an innovative, automated pharmacy system to help our patients start healing faster by reducing the time it takes to get their first dose of medicine. The new Pyxis® System from CareFusion helps clinicians safely and efficiently dispense medications and also improves efficient, patient-centric nursing and pharmacy workflows.

Pyxis® Medication Management System is a classic case of ‘better patient care through advanced technology’. The benefits to patients and the hospital are startling:

  • Safer patient care: safeguards at every step reduce medication errors by 82%
  • Increased efficiency: cut pharmacist order processing time by 35%
  • Cost Savings: manage inventory costs more effectively and cut the financial impact of adverse events
  • Real-Time Information: medication data is instantly available when and where it’s needed…simplifying communication and improving collaboration across the patient care team.

Automating the medication process from order submission to patient administration means staff can focus on delivering patient-centric care. Can you blame us for thinking there’s something a bit magical about our Pyxis?

Exactly What and Where are the Pyxis?

The Pyxis MedStation system is an automated dispensing cabinet with added safety precautions for medications often at risk of diversion. It helps clinicians safely and efficiently dispense medications while offering nurses medication and patient information in one place.

SWMC initially is installing Pyxis MedStations in the Medical-Surgical Department, Emergency Room, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit and Intensive Care Unit, with more locations to be added.

Pyxis automated medication dispensing

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