SWMC’s Hospitalist Services – Putting Patients First

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The hospitalists at Sonoma West Medical Center are physicians whose primary focus is general medical care of the hospitalized patient. Free of many of the constraints that a busy outpatient doctor faces, these specialists are able to dedicate their time and energy to provide comprehensive and efficient inpatient medical care.

Putting Patient First

Working with the primary care physician (PCP), a hospitalist will plan and manage individual patient treatment during the time that you are an inpatient at Sonoma West Medical Center. The goal of our hospitalists is to help each patient achieve the best outcome possible.

Once admitted to the hospital, the assigned hospitalist will work to coordinate a course of treatment to last the duration of your stay. This may include ordering diagnostic imaging studies and lab work.  He or she will review all the tests and will adjust each patient’s care based on those test results. Throughout a patient’s stay, the hospitalist will continue to update the patient on their unique plan of care. Our hospitalists will work with each patient and the family to personally answer and discuss any questions that come up about an illness, medications or other diagnostic and treatment processes during hospitalization.

Available Around the Clock

Sonoma West Medical Center’s Hospitalists provide 24 hour in-hospital care and are able to respond promptly to out-patients and their families. They work closely with key hospital personnel and can anticipate and facilitate care from admission through discharge, including interfacing with the ER, surgical consultants, discharge planners, social workers and clergy, as well as SWMC’s Specialty Institutes.

Our hospitalists are able to facilitate and improve post-acute care needs for the patient through direct communication with primary care providers as well as coordinate the appropriate post-discharge care services such as home health, specialized rehabilitation, and home IV infusion services.

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