SWMC Staff – Exceeding Patient Expectations

Jenifer Monaghan is a SWMC nurse with more than 20 years of experience. Although she wears various hats at the hospital that includes working in the ER and surgical units, her main responsibility is in the intensive care unit.

“Working at SWMC is a slower pace that when I was at USFC, where I came from, with better and more personal patient care. At the larger facilities, with patients who are really sick, you are just doing things you need to do to keep them alive. Here, it’s about the patient, the person. We’re not running around crazy. Patients want to be talked to, they want their teeth brushed… they want quality care.”

SWMC’s 5-bed ICU is usually full, largely treating the elderly community in Sebastopol with problems like pneumonia and congestive heart failure. All of the nurses in the ICU have 15 or more years of experience in nursing.

“There really is a population in this community that we’re serving,” Jenifer says. The same level of care goes for other departments as well. “In other emergency rooms you’ll wait up to six hours to be treated. Here, you get right in and get the quality care you need.”

Jenifer lives in Novato where she has raised three sons. She has been treating patients at the hospital for two years. Larger health care facilities may pay more, she says, “but I didn’t like it. Sometimes finding the right fit is not all about the financial aspect of it. SWMC is such a fun hospital to be a part of. It’s like a family.”

Exceeding Expectations