Sonoma West Medical Center

Staff Profiles

Patrick Lee

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Patrick is full-time employee at SWMC. He also works part-time as an ambulance EMT in Mendocino County and is studying to be a paramedic, commuting two hours to Sacramento College of Continuing Education. Patrick went to EMT school at Santa Rosa Junior College.

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Jenifer Monaghan

Intensive Care Nurse

Jenifer Monaghan is a SWMC nurse with more than 20 years of experience. Although she wears various hats at the hospital that includes working in the ER and surgical units, her main responsibility is in the intensive care unit.

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Heather Henderson

Dietetic Technician Registered

Heather Henderson runs the hospital’s kitchen–ordering food, overseeing sanitation and safety– working under Registered Dietitian Rose Leander. Heather studied nutrition at Santa Rosa Community College. She has a background in restaurants and became seriously interested in nutrition when she discovered her daughter had celiac disease and severe food allergies at a very young age. She is a Dietetic Technician Registered.

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Yonas Woldemichael


Yonas Woldemichael attended a Christian school in Santa Rosa and then graduated from Piner High School where he participated in sports and drama. He is a 2016 graduate from Empire College and also attended Santa Rosa Junior College. He now lives in Windsor and started at SWMC in March, 2017.

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