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Look around you Western Sonoma County. Something Wonderful is Happening!

Support New Sonoma County HospitalAfter months of hard work, support for Sonoma West Medical Center is building throughout our community. It’s not just the signs and buttons, support is evident in the conversations we’re having, and in the news articles we’re reading. We’re all coming together to open our new medical center in April of this year. Sonoma West Medical Center won’t just be a new hospital. It will be a model of 21st century healthcare that our friends, neighbors and family can rely on, and that others will seek out.

But the work isn’t done yet. To make Sonoma West Medical Center the best it can be, we need your help! We invite you to join our campaign to raise needed funds for safety and cosmetic improvements to the old Palm Drive facility. Funds are also needed for new equipment, and the start up costs that will be required to sustain the medical center through the first year of operation.

Another way you can support Sonoma West Medical Center is to use it, and convince friends and family to do the same. Help us get the word out about important new services like our 24/7 “No Wait” ER, our world-class medical institutes and the acute care services necessary to us all. Take a yard sign. Wear a button. If you have a business, share information with your customers. Follow us on Facebook and share our posts. No matter who you are, no matter how big or how small the effort, there’s something you can do.

These next few months will be critical. Get involved today by contacting the Sonoma West Medical Foundation or by donating online:

Together, we are opening our hospital!

Support Sonoma West Medical Center

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