Sonoma West Medical Center Begins Remodeling

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Sonoma West Medical Center Begins Remodeling

Sonoma West Medical Center begins remodeling at Palm Drive, projects new opening date and hospital tours.

Raymond Hino, MPA, FACHE, the CEO of Sonoma West Medical Center, announced a new start date of April 27th. According to Hino, ‘We have experienced delays in getting some non-structural earthquake work done that should have been completed years ago but now have a timeline that will allow us to open by the 27th of April.”

Sonoma County HospitalIn the meantime, extensive refurbishing is taking place in the emergency room, the laboratory, and the imaging center of the hospital. This includes new flooring, paint and furnishings. ‘We are also upgrading some other spaces like the kitchen, pharmacy, and respiratory therapy as well as the business office where we are re-carpeting, painting and putting in new furnishings in preparation for our patient education center. Fortunately, most of the hospital was upgraded after 2010 and is very attractive so the work required is well within our budget.’

Dr. Rodney Look, who will be managing the Sonoma West Medical center emergency room is closely supervising the work to fit with the “no wait” emergency room concept that he pioneered at St. Helena, Napa Valley Hospital. Dr. Look, a Harvard trained emergency room specialist and Sebastopol resident said ‘I am very pleased with the work that”s being done and our ability to serve the community in a modernized setting. We plan to make this emergency room the best in the area.” Besides St. Helena, Napa Valley Hospital, Dr. Look also manages the emergency room at St. Helena Clear Lake Hospital.

Dan Smith, a long time financial supporter of Sonoma West Medical Center is very upbeat on the progress being made. ‘The transformation of the emergency room and lab is very dramatic because it hasn”t had a major upgrade since the hospital was built in 1976 because you can”t shut down an emergency room that is open 24/7. Pacatte construction has been amazing to work with, they deserve a lot of credit for bringing in this project on time. They are on track to beat the very aggressive schedule that we initially laid out, which gives us additional time to work on programming and staff training before opening.”

Sonoma County Medical CenterWith the opening date coming in less than 3 months, Sonoma West Medical Center has begun contracting with physicians and hiring key staff to prepare for license certification, which is anticipated in mid April.

Sonoma West Medical Center also announced hospital tours starting on March 14th at 2:00PM. These tours will allow the public to see the refurbishing work that is underway, visit areas of the hospital that are normally off limits and see a typical private patient room. ‘While the hospital is closed, this is the only time the public can view some areas of the hospital and it is very educational for people to see what we are doing” said Mr. Hino.

Sonoma West Medical Center, Inc., located at 501 Petaluma Avenue in Sebastopol, is a California public benefit corporation formed to reopen Palm Drive Hospital under the Sonoma West Medical Center name. Raymond Hino, MPA, FACHE is the Chief Executive Officer and has over 30 years of hospital administration experience including 6 years as the CEO of Fort Bragg hospital. The 15 member board of directors of SWMC includes prominent business and health care professionals from the area including Dr. James Gude, John Balletto and Merry Edwards. The Palm Drive Health Care District has approved the SWMC business plan and is awaiting a management services agreement from district lawyers.

Photos of the work underway by Joan Marler are below. For a private tour of the facility, contact

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