Sonoma West Medical Center is Growing, Inside and Out

Sonoma West Medical Center Map

Sonoma West Medical Center is not just reopening our doors — we are growing our new medical complex in a multitude of ways, some of which you can’t even see when you first enter. Not only are we creating new space inside the facility, we are also expanding our walls to include more facilities beyond the old hospital boundaries.

Sonoma West Medical Center MapPatient Education Wing

One way we’ve created new space inside the hospital is by switching to electronic record-keeping, allowing us to eliminate much of our use of paper. This system is more efficient, saving us time and space. The old billing, administration and record-keeping wing has now been repurposed into the new Patient Education Department which will serve as a critical link between patients, family, doctors, and hospital services. Everything from handling patient admissions, scheduling appointments and answering insurance questions will be taken care of here. The department will also offer classes, institute seminars and other patient services.

Specialty Institutes Building

The new SWMC healthcare model was created in response to the high demand in the community for specialty healthcare services. Over 3,000 square feet of building space has been leased across from the main hospital building and is currently being remodeled to house our many new institutes including Neurology, Urology, Endocrinology and many more. As more specialty services are added, more space and support will be increased.

Telemedicine Hub

How can a hospital have 50 specialized physicians on site 24/7? It can’t really. But through advances in robotics and telemedicine, within minutes our highly-skilled physicians are available to monitor patients at the bedside or even in the operating room. The remote delivery of this crucial expertise anywhere and anytime is a mandatory part of the new SWMC healthcare model. The Telemedicine Hub not only supports SWMC, but also serves ten other hospitals in Northern California.

Technology Support Center

Every department of the new SWMC is being revamped with new high-tech medical support systems. These include electronic ID card systems; Cloud-based electronic health records and hospital management; automated drug dispensaries; doctor & nurse tablet systems; patient video conferencing systems, and more. The new ‘paperless’ SWMC is all about better patient care through technology. Best of all, the SWMC Tech Support Center is just across the driveway from the main building.

Many people will see our main hospital building and may never realize it is just the core of a much larger medical complex. No matter. SWMC will continue to expand its service offerings and increase its functional space around this hospital core. As the healthcare needs of the West County community grow, SWMC will expand to meet those needs.

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