Press Release: Hospital Opening Friday, October 30, 2015

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Sonoma West Medical Center Opens

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Jane Rogan, Director of Communications
Sonoma West Medical Center
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Sonoma West Medical Center Announces:

The hospital will open to admit and treat patients on Friday, October 30, 2015 at 10:00 am

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Sebastopol, CA – Friday, October 30, 2015…Raymond Hino, CEO of Sonoma West Medical Center, announced today Sonoma West Medical Center [SWMC] is open to admit patients at 10:00 am on Friday, October 30, 2015. The hospital is located at 501 Petaluma Avenue in Sebastopol, CA in the renovated and OSHPD- upgraded 50,000 square foot building site once known as Palm Drive Hospital.

“This stellar team of healthcare and administrative professionals has accomplished something to be very proud of – the opening of our hospital in West Sonoma County. We have worked very hard for this day. We want our community to know we plan to be here for the long term to provide the public access to some of the highest quality healthcare services in the North Bay Area,” Hino stated.

Launching the hospital is a staff of 180 employees, including contractors. Over the past six months of preparation, Hino and the SWMC Board of Directors, led by Chairman Dan Smith, have developed a solid business plan modeled upon other successful small hospitals. The start-up team has implemented state-of-the-art software systems, purchased advanced diagnostic and surgical medical equipment, and contracted some of the Bay Area’s most renowned physicians and medical practitioners. Among staff physicians are renowned Bay Area practitioners such as Dr. Richard Powers, Chief of Staff; Dr. James Gude, Medical Director; Rodney Look, Dr. Allan Bernstein and others.

Most Needed Hospital Services

Sonoma West Medical Center will provide the following medical services: Cardiopulmonary, Clinical Laboratory and Pathology, Emergency, Endoscopy, Hospitalist, Intensive Care, Medical Imaging, Restorative Care [which includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Respiratory Therapy] and Surgical Services. The much publicized, nearly ‘no-wait’ Emergency Department [ED] is a triage goal for the department that has been tested and proven to work . Dr. Rodney Look, successfully championed the ‘5 minute from door to doc’ treatment model at St. Helena Adventist Health Hospital in 2014, and has brought that model to SWMC. According to SWMC ED Manager, Lorna Kennedy-Klein, “Our staff has streamlined the patient flow in our Emergency Department to immediately assess and room any patient presenting for care to facilitate meeting the benchmark of arrive [door] to MD [doc]. Our ultimate goal is efficient, compassionate, quality care.”

Keenly aware of the over-long ER waits in Sonoma County hospitals, currently suffering from bed shortages, SWMC is prepared to accept the overflow. “Send them to us,” said Hino referring to patients for whom there are no beds in greater Sonoma County. “We are ready to be the asset our community demands we be.”

Equipped with state-of-the-art Mammography and CT machines, as well as the pharmaceutical computer system, Pyxis*, and the inTouch Telemedicine irobot – Sonoma West Medical Center is poised to become the hub not only for acute patient care locally and throughout the word – via Telemedicine- but staff have also begun Community outreach to educate and offer on-going wellness treatment and classes. “We are truly offering integrative health practices here at SWMC,” said Jane Rogan, Director of Communications. “This is not just about mind-body integration, but about the integration of East-West healing practices as well.” SWMC is offering Family and Individual Therapy, nutrition counseling, massage, acupuncture, and a long list of what used to be called “alternative” services. Many of the large hospitals in the North Bay area are offering these services as well.

“We accept most major health insurance carriers, including Western Health Advantage, Scan, Partnership Health Plan and, of course, Medicare,” explained Hino.

The public has watched and waited for this day in great anticipation. From the hundreds of red lawn signs demanding the District “Open Our Hospital,” to today much has been said among supporters and factions. Much has been debated, and much has been accomplished. Now it is time to truly serve the community.

Sonoma West Medical Center is here to save and improve lives, to heal the sick and comfort the hurting.

About Sonoma West Medical Center

Sonoma West Medical Center is located in Sebastopol, CA. We are a 25-bed capacity community medical center poised to provide a 24/7 Emergency Room, Cardiopulmonary, ICU, Orthopedics, Urology, laboratory and diagnostics, among other standard hospital services.

About Global Offsite Care

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