Good News… State Approves SWMC Extension

Ray Hino, CEO, Sonoma West Medical Center
Raymond T. Hino, CEO, Sonoma West Medical Center

Raymond T. Hino, CEO, Sonoma West Medical Center

Last week the California State Board approved a one year extension to SWMC to open the Hospital. This is extremely good news since there are a large number of facility projects that must be completed and inspected before opening.

The extension provides much needed time for new systems to be installed, staff trained, facility upgrades, and new operational workflow & procedures to be refined. The extra time allows us to squeeze in two more Saturday tours.

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  1. Janice Callahan, RN says:

    Fantastic! I enjoyed working as an RN in the ICU of Palm Drive Hospital in 2013 and was sad to hear of the closure. Working with Dr. Gude and the rest of the medical and nursing staff, as well as all ancillary personnel, was a very positive experience for me.

    Kudos for reinventing this much needed community resource! I would welcome any opportunity to work here again and promote your unique vision.

    Continued success in all that you do!


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