The Apple Blossom Parade was Big

8,000 hospital supporters lined Main Street…cheering as something magical is happening. Ray performs magic pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

Sonoma West Medical Center at the Apple Blossom Parade 2015

Ray Hino, CEO performs a magic trick

It was a last-minute decision.

We’ve been very busy completing the many tasks on the hospital’s to-do list to be ready for our reopening— the rewiring, the scrubbing and the painting, the meetings, oh, the meetings— and yet somewhere in the middle of all of that activity, a collective voice spoke: We shall walk in the Apple Blossom Parade. The decision was made spontaneously, with little time to waste. Energies gathered; a plan was hatched. People were called and emailed. Costumes were scrounged. Signs were made.

Those who could make it, did so. We had a swanky, red-and-white Chevy convertible; a float, decorated in red, with rainbow-colored wheels. We were joined by a magician with a giant top hat from which a rabbit popped out. There was a nurse; a doctor in scrubs. Smoky the Bear made an appearance, as did a robot. Somebody brought along two little dogs. Someone else brought their kids. Everyone brought great enthusiasm, a sense of hope and optimism.

Sonoma West Medical Center may not be officially open, but we are certainly open in spirit, right here, right now.

Sonoma West Medical Center at the Apple Blossom Parade 2015

Dancing Desiree says “Wala” as her bunny pops out of the Hat.

Sonoma West Medical Center at the Apple Blossom Parade 2015

“It’s a Magical Time”… Lots of waving and thumbs-up from the crowd, cheering on the “Open Our Hospital’ Team.

Ambulance Sculpture in the Garden by Local Artist Patrick Amiot

Amiot Artwork in the Garden

Famous sculpture by local artist Patrick Amiot in the entry garden makes you think about the hundreds of ambulance runs every month that had to pass by Palm Drive Hospital when it was closed. But, that is changing with the reopening.  One of SWMC’s specialty services is  ‘No Wait’ Emergency Care.  So now the difference is even greater between the in-town General Hospitals and SWMC.  The key time distinction is “how fast can you see a certified emergency specialist”.