Board of Directors

Sonoma West Medical Center’s Board of Directors is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of experienced business, clinical and professional leaders. Current board members include, 3 senior physicians including a retired surgeon, a psychologist and an intensivist, a CPA with many years of experience in non-profit administration, a former California state legislator, a Stanford Hospital Chief Technology Officer, a founder of a healthcare staffing company, and local entrepreneur business owners.

The Current Boardmembers of SWMC are:

  • John Balletto, Founder, CEO, Balletto Vineyards
  • Jane Hynes, Founder, CEO, Hynes & Company
  • Paul Caracciolo, CIO, CTO, Stanford Hospital
  • Chris Thompson, CEO, Weeks Well Drilling
  • Andy Pforsich, Assistant Chief, Gold Ridge Fire District.
  • James Gude, MD, Professor UCSF

  • David Murphy, PhD, Psychologist
  • Dan Smith, CEO, Electronic Health Records Inc.
  • Beth Moise, CEO onPointSolutions
  • Craig Campbell, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Virginia Strom-Martin, CA Assembly Retired

For more information about Sonoma West Medical Center or our Board of Directors, please contact us.